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The one who started it all

Tyler Bakken created "Rockin Bakken" in 2021.

The name of the company was created inspired by Tylers passion for rock music.

Photo by Rebekah Joy Morley

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My Story

Tyler has been creating art since she was a little girl. As a young teen she spent most of her weekends drinking coffee and brainstorming new art ideas with her mom, Missy. Tyler stopped creating art in 2012 after loosing her mom a lifelong battle of depression that resulted in suicide. 

The artist has struggled with major depression, anxiety and PTSD for many years. In 2019, Tyler mustered the strength to pick up a paintbrush and start creating again. Little did she know, art would be the start to her healing journey. The things that she was running from were the very thing that started to heal her heart.

In 2021, Tyler decided that she wanted to work towards turning her passion into a full time job. In the past 3 years, she has created a wide range of products. She has turned her art into stickers, greeting cards, prints, including the launch of her clothing line. Tyler also creates one of a kind handmade jewelry.


Her peers urged her to stick to "one thing". Tyler has a hard time sitting still and her mind is always flooded with creative ideas. She thought to herself, "why not target all markets?". There is always something for everyone. Tyler believes that if she works hard enough and holds her faith close, she can reach her destiny in this lifetime.

After many years if being angry with God, she started to restore her relationship with the creator. He is the one who blessed her with these gifts and she couldn't be more grateful. Tyler decided to get baptized in March 2022 to make a milestone for a new beginning and represent her walk with Christ. 

Tyler's art is based around mental health awareness. Her dream one day is to donate a portion of her proceeds to a non profit centered around this heavy topic. The artist wants people to know that you have a purpose and your gifts are rare. Go after the life you want. 


You are strong. You are important. YOU MATTER.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(507) 413-2537

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