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16"x20" Original Acrylic Painting on canvas


“Transformation” is the third painting that Tyler created in this 3 series skull collection. This series is dedicated to mental health awareness due to the artist losing her mother to a lifelong battle with depression.


The butterfly represents healing and self-care. It also represents the courage that is needed in order to prioritize healing and self-care. The sun is abundant and happy which represents the positive change that is taking place due to healing and taking care of oneself. The rose stands for wisdom and joy that has come from the progress and growth that the subject has made.


Just like a phoenix you will rise from the ashes of your old self and conquer anything that comes your way. This is expressed through the flames in the wings.


You are strong. You are important. You MATTER.


-- In Loving Memory of Melissa “Gypsie” Ann Moe --


This original piece comes with a signed certificate of authenticity

"Transformation" 16x20 Original Painting

  • Acrylic paint was used for the base. This piece was sprayed with a clear matte finish to help prevent from being damaged. 

  • Please note that ALL SALES ARE FINAL and there are no refunds!

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