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“Happy” Original 24x36 Painting on Canvas

This piece is dedicated to those struggling in silence.

Tyler really poured her heart into this one. This painting is different because the artist worked really hard to get to where I she is today. The amount of money, time and focus she spent to heal myself is irreplaceable.

The 7 butterflies represent the amount of days it took God to create the earth. As you can see, the 7th one is resting on a leaf; reminding us to allow ourselves to rest.

The wild colors & nature represent life. It all depends on how we look at things… perception. Life is not easy, but it is a beautiful journey if you decide to paint your walls with color.

Tyler’s hope is that you learn how to ignite your fire again… your light… your spark. Do things that make you feel alive again. You owe it to yourself.

You are important. You matter. Keep kicking life in the face. You got this!!

This original painting comes with a signed certificate of authenticity by the artist herself.

“Happy” Original 24x36 Painting on Canvas

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