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16" x 20" Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas


“Healing” is the first painting that Tyler created in this 3 series skull collection. This series is dedicated to mental health awareness due to the artist losing her mother to a lifelong battle with depression. The daisy represents innocence and purity, which goes hand in hand with the single tear. Shedding tears washes away some of the worry and heaviness that we carry in our hearts.


In order to heal, we need to first acknowledge our feelings and truly “feel” them. Daisies also represent childbirth, motherhood and new beginnings. The daisy displays the symbolism the relationship and special bond that Tyler shared with her mom. The artist believes that “soul mates” go further than just romantic relationships. “Soul mates” are people that we have a special bond with on a soul connection. There is no one that can replace them because they touch our spirit on a soul level.


This painting shows the subject letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose. The subject is also abundantly accepting of this chance for new beginnings in order to live out a purpose and fulfill a meaningful life. The flower crown signifies a fresh start to this new journey with a healing heart. This is displaying the hurdles and emotional pain that the artist has overcome in the past 8 years.


Tyler’s mother Missy loved the moon. Missy was very drawn, connected and grounded to the moon. The sleeping face on the moon represents our loved ones that have passed on. They are with us in the sun, moon, and stars… guiding us every step of the way and lifting us when we feel broken inside.


A percentage of the original artwork, prints and clothing of the 3 series skull collection will be donated to a Mental Health Awareness fund.


You are strong. You are important. You MATTER.


-- In Loving Memory of Melissa “Gypsie” Ann Moe --


This original piece comes with a signed certificate of authenticity

"Healing" 16x20 Original Painting

  • Acrylic paint was used for the base. This piece was sprayed with a clear matte finish to help prevent from being damaged. 

  • Please note that ALL SALES ARE FINAL and there are no refunds!

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