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Mental Health 16 x 20 Original Painting on Canvas

The width of the canvas is 1.5”.

Mental health is something that the artist has been very open about and it’s a topic that hits close to home.

Struggling with your mental health can be a thief of joy and it’s a silent battle… constantly at war with yourself in your mind. The skull symbolizes how medication can make someone feel like a zombie.

This painting is dedicated to those struggling in silence. The blue heart represents the numbness of depression. The black and white dripping from the heart is the overwhelming feeling of sadness.

“Mental” is painted in black and white due to depression causing black & white thinking. “HEALTH” is painted in color to represent the importance of taking care of ourselves.

“Mind -vs- heart” signifies the constant fight behind the mind and the heart. In the pit of the struggle we sabotage ourselves and it feels like no one cares. Sometimes it leads to isolation, shutting off our phones, or in some cases - self medicating.

The mushrooms symbolize the joy that we can experience in a lifetime.

If you’re reading this today I want you to know that your life matters even if your brain is trying to convince you otherwise. The people that truly love you see the good in you. You’re more than a diagnosis. YOUR LIFE MATTERS.

Mental Health 16 x 20 Original Painting on Canvas

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