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16" x 20" Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas


“Self-Care” is the second painting that Tyler created in this 3-series collection. This series is dedicated to mental health awareness due to the artist losing her mother to a lifelong battle with depression. The light bulb represents the importance of taking care of yourself through the dark times. Getting enough exposure to sunlight (vitamin D), exercise, being in the presence of nature, pursuing your passions, and being around supportive people is vital to help us get through the moments we are stuck in the pit.


The cloud represents the feeling that comes over us when we are feeling lack of purpose in life or just not feeling worthy. The umbrella represents the subject giving oneself a fighting chance to the outside elements that are causing pressure, which is conveyed through the lightning bolt. In order to heal, self-care is extremely important to the journey of self-love. The wings look like leaves to represent the growth that comes out of caring for yourself. Imagine yourself as a seed. You need water and sunlight so that your roots grow deeper in order to withstand the storm.


A percentage of the original artwork, prints and clothing of the 3 series skull collection will be donated to a Mental Health Awareness fund.


You are strong. You are important. You MATTER.


-- In Loving Memory of Melissa “Gypsie” Ann Moe --


This original piece comes with a signed certificate of authenticity 

"Self Care" 16 x20 Original Painting

  • Acrylic paint was used for the base. This piece was sprayed with a clear matte finish to help prevent from being damaged.

  • Please note that ALL SALES ARE FINAL and there are no refunds!

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