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This is called “Taking My Power Back” ⚡️

This piece was motivated by the artists work being shadow banned on a popular social media platform.

Tyler poured all of her frustration and emotion into this piece. She works very hard creating, posting and making content for her art.

This is a staple piece to show that she’s not backing down and will continue to rise.

If you’re reading this and feel like giving up on your dreams, you could be a lot closer than you think. Screw what everyone thinks and keep your vision focused. God will take you where you need to go.

Over 40 hours was invested into this piece of artwork.

Dimensions: 31” x 8”

Max Load 150lbs,7-ply of premium maple wood, medium concave deck with a symmetrical popsicle shape.

Grip tape is adhered to the other side.

“Taking My Power Back” • Handpainted Skateboard Deck

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